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VivCourt is a proprietary trading firm with a major difference. Our main trading floor is in Sydney, our Energy trading business is in Brisbane and local representation in several other Australian locations including Melbourne. We also have an office in the stunning Caribbean setting of the Cayman Islands.

While VivCourt originally started as an options market maker on the major Asian equity indices, it has grown into a business trading a wide range of global strategies.

These strategies vary from manual trading to fully automated trading, from trading a couple times per day to trading on a nano-second level, and from trading based on longer term structural views to trading on short term fluctuations.

We have expanded from simply trading Options and Futures to ETF’s, Stocks, Bonds, Electricity and FX.

Perhaps some mentioning on energy trading as it seems to be quite a big chunk but should also shoot off to a different page for more details.

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“Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services.” – Wikipedia

With that in mind, we constantly refining our existing tools and inventing new ones, which leads – for example – to the Tokyo Stock Exchange where they call us “THE BEST MARKET MAKERS“.


People before profit. It makes you realize that whatever you can do to help the company make more money, it’s more money for charities that you get to decide where that money goes.

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