Rethink what’s possible from a career in trading

We’re VivCourt, a trading firm like you’ve never seen before. We analyse data, build software and trade on the financial markets across the world like the others, but we’re saying no to the way it’s always been done. We’re showing the industry it’s possible to make money, and put people first.

Our Market Makers, Quantitative Traders and Software Engineers overcome complex challenges to out-perform our competitors every day. It’s fast-paced, highly collaborative and we’re leading the way in creating purpose-driven trading careers. And that’s our difference.

We’ve revolutionised the corporate structure to put you and your colleagues at the centre of everything.

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Proprietary trading is all about speed. The financial markets move quickly and so do we. Our quantitative traders analyse vast amounts of data to develop trading strategies that outperform our competitors. Highly competitive and with an inquisitive mindset, our traders focus on stocks, futures, options and ETFs. While our market maker traders deploy algorithms and software that can automatically trade in nanoseconds, quantitative traders require a more hands on approach to calling the shots.

Technology CAREERS

Technology isn’t a cost centre at VivCourt, it’s critical. Fine tuning and adapting software and hardware is imperative to gaining a competitive edge in trading. Specialist algorithms enable rapid, automated trading and market making, while reliable IT infrastructure empowers traders to monitor markets and carry out successful quantitative trading strategies. Our software engineers work closely with our traders as a single team, which forms the dynamic heart of our business.

The VivCourt difference

Professional development

Our policy of developing people and supporting any further education helps you to grow in your role and take on new responsibilities and skills.

Generous remuneration

We offer generous salary packages. Our unique model also means more of our revenue flows back to staff in the form of bonuses.

Social benefit

Support the not-for-profits you love and make the world a little better through our social bonus scheme.


Our flexible working approach allows you to tailor your commitments to your needs and life stage.

Personal development

Grow as a person through exposure to individuals, causes and issues that help broaden your outlook.

Healthy work culture

Enjoy coming to the office. VivCourt’s culture is focused on openness, collaboration and growth.

Current opportunities

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