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Information technology provides the basis for all modern trading. Specialist algorithms enable rapid, automated trading and market making, while reliable IT infrastructure empowers traders to monitor markets and carry out successful quantitative trading strategies. Our sophisticated trading systems have been fine-tuned with vast sums of data and have been perfected to react to market events within nanoseconds.

VivCourt technologists are critical to the strategic development of all our trading business. They enable business growth by designing and building systems that meet our long term strategic goals while continuing to work with trading on tactical day to day improvements.

Our engineers collaborate closely with traders, working as a single team to realise our full potential. The integration of Trading and Technology forms the dynamic heart of our business.

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People have a knack of rising to new challenges. We provide IT development staff with the autonomy and freedom they need to get hands-on experience, learn new skills and fully develop themselves.

Breadth of opportunities

We’re not big on siloes. Our IT staff have the opportunity to work across multiple desks and parts of the business, as they solve problems and help develop new trading technologies and approaches.

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