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Brilliant minds working together

Few careers can match trading’s stimulating blend of intellectual challenges and significant financial reward.

While VivCourt is strongly committed to social justice and a healthy work culture, we take our trading seriously. Our talented and passionate trading teams work to generate the best possible returns and produce outstanding, sustainable results. For themselves, for the company and for the not-for-profits and charities they support.

Our core focus is on stocks, futures, options, and ETFs. While we trade around the globe, our primary focus is on the Asia Pacific region. We make use of a wide range of automated and discretionary trading techniques and strategies. Some trades occur automatically in nanoseconds, others require close manual supervision.

VivCourt’s main trading floor is in Sydney, and we also trade from several other Australian locations and have an office in The Netherlands.

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An open approach


We believe that an open, collaborative working environment is the key to building successful trading strategies. We start with entrusting our more junior traders with the power to propose and pursue new ideas and strategies. 

Potential to grow

Traditional trading firms are known to go through staff too quickly. Their model is loosely based on a team member staying five years and moving on. We believe employers have a social contract to do more. We want to see you achieve your personal best, so you can do better for yourself and the not-for-profits you support.

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