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VivCourt is constantly growing. We are now a team of over 100 people globally and continue to develop our teams and expand our trading. We need talented, motivated and curious individuals. As part of our team, you will enjoy diverse and stimulating work that challenges your problem-solving abilities.

You will also enjoy the benefits of our unique culture. Many businesses claim to do social good. At VivCourt, you’ll see the positive change your social bonus donations create with your own eyes. It’s an experience that brings true meaning to trading and has the potential to dramatically expand your horizons.

A place to GROW

VivCourt’s business model relies on us having happy, healthy staff. We want staff to feel settled and view us as a long-term proposition.

“It’s a privilege when a graduate who has so many options chooses our company,” says VivCourt HR Specialist Sarah Barker. “That’s why we treat our grads as human beings, not as a way to make money. We aim to provide a safe environment where they can explore the field, their own interests, and what they ultimately want to be doing.”

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We’re VivCourt, a trading firm like you’ve never seen before. We use our smarts and leading-edge technology to trade on the financial markets across the world like the others, but we’re saying no to the way it’s always been done. We’re showing the industry it’s possible to make money, and put people first.
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The VivCourt difference

Professional development

Our policy of developing people and supporting any further education helps you to grow in your role and take on new responsibilities and skills.

Generous remuneration

We offer generous salary packages. Our unique model also means more of our revenue flows back to staff in the form of bonuses.

Social benefit

Support the not-for-profits you love and make the world a little better through our social bonus scheme.


Our flexible working approach allows you to tailor your commitments to your needs and life stage.

Personal development

Grow as a person through exposure to individuals, causes and issues that help broaden your outlook.

Healthy work culture

Enjoy coming to the office. VivCourt’s culture is focused on openness, collaboration and growth.

Current opportunities

Could VivCourt be for you? Click here to view some of our current job openings